Laser Tag

Mobile laser tag is like bringing computer games people play in their basement on a smartphone, Xbox, or PS5 to life in the great outdoors. Players have a laser tagger which is equipped with an infrared light emitter and sensors for detecting hits. Players run around hiding behind trees and bunkers, tagging their friends while the computer keeps score. The player does not need to wear any special gear or clothing.

Our operator can set up and manage a variety of laser tag games, such as elimination, king of the hill, or custom made missions that could last for as long as half an hour. With ten taggers we can play individual or team games.

You get to decide when and where you play. It could be your backyard, a forest near your house, a sports field nearby or an indoor location. We can use our bunkers or play in a lightly forested area. We can play inside or in the great outdoors, day or night, and (light) rain or shine.

We use eye safe infrared taggers that use the same technology found in your TV's remote control - only modified to accurately travel more than 1,000 feet. We bring 10 taggers so that 10 people can play at once. If you have more than 10 people, we can simply cycle people through. Our prices for Mobile Laser Tag:

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$295 for a home/business party of 60 mins.

- $60 for each additional half hour

Mobile Laser Tag Advantages

We Come to You

Our team comes to you so you do not have to organise a convoy of kids to head anywhere but your backyard, a park, or nearby forested area to play laser tag.  Ottawa and surrounding areas have lots of great public (and private) spaces that can easily host a laser tag game.

Indoor, Outdoor, or Both

Flexibility is our strength.  As long as there is enough room to safely run around we can run a laser tag event just about anywhere.

Variety of Game Types

We have developed a range of dynamic laser tag games that use and can adjust on the fly if you have an idea for something new.  If the birthday child is not doing well, we can revive them, start they with more lives, make them the centre of the game or just about anything needed to make the laser tag birthday party special.


All Seasons

Our laser tag equipment works in temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius. Dress for the weather and enjoy playing laser tag.

Great for Any Number of Players

From a small birthday party to a major fair, we can bring a lot of laser tag fun for everyone. Mobile laser tag is a great activity where you can easily mix ages and genders without issues.

Trained Operator

Our specially trained laser tag operators both operate our advance computer controlled system and manage the laser tag game flow to maximize player enjoyment.  We work to ensure a great experience where all players can experience success.

Contact Us

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You can contact us at:

Funlight Mobile Laser Tag of Ottawa

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